Young Philosophers Society is a non-profit organization that provides enrichment opportunities for people of all ages and learning abilities through classes and creative activities in the areas of art, music, academia, vocation and entertainment. Our focus is to encourage children to take interest in the arts, music, academics and creative activities to help them become the great thinkers of tomorrow. YPS feels strongly that ALL children should be included, and no child will be turned away solely on the basis of their learning style.  

Guiding the youth of today to become the innovators of tomorrow.

YPS' board members and founders come from a variety of helping and artistic professions. They include behavior analysts, counselors, teachers, early childhood educators, pastors, behavior technicians, homeschooling parents, professional musicians, and songwriters. Collaborating together, YPS presents a strong set of talents and passions which will undoubtedly shine upon the youth we serve and the passion we have for the organization.   


Art Classes

Toddler & Preschool Art 

Family Pottery 

Elementary Art (Coming Soon)
Middle School Art (Coming Soon)

High School Art (Coming Soon)

Theme Nights

Drama/Theatrical Arts

Drama Kids: Improv Class (Ages 10 and up)

Language Arts

Spanish for Kids (Ages 5 and up)
Sign Language (Ages 6-12 and 13+)


Lego Day Camp
Summer Enrichment Camps

Spring Break/Winter Break/Holiday Camps

Homeschool Enrichment Classes:

History, Science, Geography, and more!

Pre-KAY Yoga: Beginners Yoga for Ages 2-5

Children's Yoga

Family Yoga

Creative Clubs
Dungeons and Dragons Clubs (Ages 7-10 & 11-and-up)
Fishing Club (Coming Soon)
Drama Club (Coming Soon)


Kids' Night Out Enrichment Programs

(often corresponding with events happening in Downtown FWB)


Birthday Parties

Special Events







Punk-Pop-Preschool Introduction to Music Class

Elementary Music Class

Private and Group Lessons 

Rock Band Experience for Kids

All Ages and Abilities Open Mic Night

Family Jams: Where Families Connect Through Music